About Us

Toy Forge was established in 2015 by Aaron Thomas.

Based in in Chennai, India, Aaron is a veteran of the 3D animation industry with over 10 years experience with TV, DVD and Film animation. As an avid toy collector and with more than 2000 figures in his collection Aaron turned to 3D printing as a way to make his digital skills meet the love he has for toys. 

In 2013 with the help of his Ultimaker 3D printer, Aaron created the 3D printed action figure Ronin.


The six month learning curve associated with creating the Ronin gave him the confidence  and skill to produce more effective and efficient 3D printed designs. For more information about Ronin and the role he played in the development of Endo head to our blog here.

At Toy Forge we are committed to making sure that all our designs are unique, highly detailed, articulated, fun to play with and most importantly easy to print and assemble. By adhering to these guidelines and valuing our joint passion for 3D printing and toys, we hope to provide our customers with toys that are truly exceptional. 

If you wish to contact Toy Forge please email us at toyforge.in@gmail.com

Our Registered Office address is:

No.A703, Bridgewood, Hiranandani Upscale, Egattur, Chennai 603103, Tamil Nadu, India