Apollo 3D Printed Action Figure (Assembled)


Apollo is an 8.5 inch tall 3D printed action figure that is sold fully assembled. It features 55 points of articulation and accommodation for LED eyes (figure is not sold with LED electronics or batteries). It weights 210 grams (0.46 pounds) and is made with ABS plastic.

This product is 3D printed on Ultimaker printers and assembled by hand. The figure is intended for adult collectors and figure contains small parts not suitable for children and could be a choking hazard. 

Limited Quantity 1 per customer

Apollo ships along with a 9 inch x 5.5 inch card back featuring exclusive artwork and unique unit production number.

Each order has a 14-20 days lead time for production after which it will be shipped via international Speed Post EMS. Price does not include shipping cost or customs/import duty as applicable to your delivery location.

End product colors may vary due to variance in filament and filament availability. No paint application or chemical process is used on final figure. The figure will retain a 100µ (micron) 3d printed surface finish. Excessive play or rough handling can lead to loosening of joints.